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The Castellón County Council has created the Platform for the Defense of Homes and Properties of Coastal Castellón to defend the people, maritime towns and municipalities whose homes and public and private properties are affected by the retroactive application of the Spanish Coastal Law (Ley de Costas 1988).

The homes of about 600 families, built legally before 1988, are threatened every day by the arbitrary application of the Law by the Government of Spain, who does not preserve, protect or restore the coast, which itself is required, but threatens to demolish hundreds of houses only in the coast of Castellón.

Prompt action is needed to prevent further deterioration. Otherwise the sea will keep on reclaiming land and more families will lose the homes where they were born and saw their children grow up.

  • Platform Objectives

The aim of the Platform, in which all of the municipalities of the coast of Castellón have been invited to participate, is to unify forces in order to defend the rights of the owners of historic homes and properties in the province of Castellón against the retroactive application of the Coastal Law.

The action of the County Council is in response to a request from the affected municipalities, who requested support in order to coordinate the activities necessary to defend the interests of the affected citizens against the central government and request support from European Institutions.

The Platform will submit an official petition to the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament, denouncing the arbitrary nature of the application of the Law and its retroactivity. 

The application to the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament will complement a traveling exhibition that will travel around the province and will also visit the cities of Valencia and Madrid before the culmination of the campaign in the capital of the European Union.

Retroactive application of this law means serious damage to the historical heritage of the province and its inhabitants. The Platform’s mission is to publicise the reality of our coastal communities and to obtain the mediation of the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) before the Spanish Government in order to obtain a halt to the retroactive application of the Coastal Law as it has been formulated in Madrid.

Help us protect our coasts. Sign the petition to the European Parliament.

María Palmer LLombart
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